Harmonize your brainwaves.

Neuraform brings digital brainwave entrainment tools to the masses without the need for any additional equipment other than a pair of headphones and a mobile device.

This capability is enabled through a phenomenon known as binaural beats, which occurs within the brain when two separate frequencies are played into each ear.  The brain receives these sounds and perceives a third tone – the difference between the two frequencies.

The difference in frequencies played in each ear correlates to the desired brainwave of the user.  These effects are welcoming, not overwhelming, and typically take around fifteen minutes to be felt by most users.

For example, the Neuraform plays at 510hz within the left ear, and 516hz within the right ear.  The difference in frequencies is 6hz, whose correlating brainwave is associated with REM sleep, thus this particular session would aid users in neurologically slipping into a sleepy state of consciousness and would engage the brainwaves responsible for REM sleep.  

Neuraform’s relaxation and sleep sessions deliver a frequency within the Delta and Theta brainwave spectrum between 2hz-8hz.  By targeting specific frequencies known to induce certain mental states, Neuraform is able to help users fall asleep quicker, induce REM sleep, enhance lucid dream states, meditate, or even just simply de-stress.  

Neuraform’s concentration sessions enable enhanced concentration and focus – and are a perfect pairing with study or work.  These sessions increase and enhance brainwaves within the alpha range – the dominant brainwave during study and work.

Create your own sessions with the session studio, and add some background noise with Neuraform’s curated library of background tracks.  Perfect the mix with Neuraform’s mixer palette, and share your session with friends and the wider Neuraform community.